BIG BAGS standard


Standard Big Bags comprises a broad range of standard products which are not classified as dangerous according to UN regulations and which are not characterized by low minimum ignition energy (which may cause explosion). This category consists mainly of food and farm products, and partly of chemical and extraction products.

BIG BAG standards have numerous features, adjusted to product specifications and client needs:

  • Coated and uncoated fabrics with different weight
  • Liners made of PE or laminates
  • Dustproof seams in a variety of grades
  • Colour printing
  • Special labels according to client specifications
  • Safety Factor - SF 5:1 or 6:1
  • Safe Working Load – SWL 500-2000kg
  • Paktainer label confirming SF and SWL


Thanks to its long-standing experience, Paktainer can provide valuable advice in reference to big bag design and specifications. For some categories of products we have innovative solutions to meet specific criteria:

BIG BAG tightness (sealed) – Small fractions or dusty materials such as whey or specialized sands - the use of special techniques for the sewing of the belts provides a better seal.

BIG BAG cone – for materials which, due to their consistency tend to clog when emptying a BIG BAG - an inverted cone is fitted to the lower part of the FIBC body.y

BIG BAG rubble - for the construction industry, Paktainer created a BIG BAG with a special reinforced frame and base, together with an extra emptying device that allows for repeated use.

BIG BAG black - black BIG BAGS are used for messy substances such as carbon black or charcoal – the application of a special black fabric allows an aesthetic appearance of a package to be maintained.

BIG BAG formstable (stability) – BIG BAGS also referred to as Q-bags, owing to their built-in stability allow storage space to be used to the maximum - a full BIG BAG maintains its rectangular shape and always fits on a pallet.

BIG BAG liner – for very dusty or hygroscopic substances, which require a greater level of protection than a typical fabric BIG BAG can provide. For such materials, BIG BAGS with PE liners are frequently used.. In order to ensure ease of use, the liner (insert) may be glued or stitched to the bag.


To design a BIG BAG suitable to your needs, please use the guide below or contact our sales team.

Step 1

Choose your big bag body


Formstable – Q-bag


Step 2

Choose the design of the top


Charging spout

Top flap


Step 3

Choose the design of the base

Flat closed

Discharging spout

Base skirt

Step 4

Choose dimensions

Please click here to see the table with base & height dimensions for different

BIG BAG volumes Other dimensions available on request.
Base dimensions in cm
Big Bag volume
in m³
88×88 96×96 107×76 76×76
96×76 107×88 88×96
Height of big bag
0,6 70 58 64 95
0,7 80 66 73 110
0,8 90 74 82 125
0,9 100 82 91 140
1,0 110 90 100 155
1,1 120 98 109
1,2 130 106 118
1,3 140 114 127
1,4 150 122 136
1,5 160 130 145
1,6 170 138 154
1,7 180 146 163
1,8 190 154 172
1,9 200 162 181
2,0 210 170 190
2,1 220 178 199
2,2 230 186 208
2,3 240 194 217

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