BIG BAGS type B and C


There is a possibility that during filling and emptying unprotected FIBC - BIG BAGs, electrostatic charge can be generated and, as a consequence, an electrostatic discharge can occur (ESD). ESD can cause ignition in a hazardous explosive atmosphere, which can include a dust cloud of the substance contained in the FIBC and gases or volatile solvents found around the FIBC. Paktainer offers BIG BAGS which can be used in such circumstances. Below you can see types of FIBC we offer, classified according to the standard IEC 61340 - Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC):

  • BIG BAG TYPE A - Paktainer type A is made of fabrics without any properties protecting against electrostatic charges.
  • BIG BAG TYPE B - Paktainer type B is made of an antistatic fabric with a breakdown voltage below 6 kV. Paktainer type B can be used in dust zones with Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) above 3 mJ.
  • BIG BAG TYPE C - Paktainer type C is made of a fabric woven with conductive threads. Paktainer type C can be used in gas and dust zones with MIE below 3 mJ. Paktainer type C should be grounded during filling and emptying in order to safely dissipate electrostatic charges.


Depending on the MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) of the packaging material as well as atmosphere surrounding the FIBC, the requirements for the type of BIG BAG to be used differ. The table below shows the types of FIBC which Paktainer offers in combination with the MIE of bulk materials and surroundings, as described in the standard IEC 61340:

Bulk product in FIBC - BIG BAG Surrounding
MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) of dust Non-flammable atmosphere Dust zones 21-22 (1000 mJ ≥ MIE ≥ 3 mJ) Gas zones 1-2 (Explosion groups IIA/IIB) or dust zones 21-22 (MIE ≤ 3 mJ)
MIE > 1000 mJ A, B, C B, C C
1000 mJ >= MIE >= 3 mJ B, C B, C C
MIE <= 3 mJ C C C

It should be noted that safe use of FIBC in hazardous explosive atmospheres is also impacted by the type of the BIG BAG liner.

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